Realia Family Office has been operating since 2005, providing clients with exclusive services at the highest level. With years of experience collaborating with HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals), we offer significant assistance in matters related to conducting business in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the Middle East countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to invest in under-served or overlooked strategies, ensuring higher returns adjusted for risk.

We offer the opportunity to invest in hotel and residential real estate in the UK through various instruments:

  • Profit Participation Note (PPN) in Ireland, by investing in a separate SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) for each existing project.
  • Real estate investment funds in prime areas of London, through structures such as Jersey LLP, United Arab Emirates Holding Company, Abu Dhabi Global Market Holding Company, and existing feeder funds of regulated funds or holding companies for each individual SPV in existing and ongoing projects.
  • Mezzanine lending in prime areas of London and other regions in the UK, through a Loan Management Agreement (LMA) in Luxembourg with subsequent conversion into Eurobonds listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
  • Land Development – Debt financing through Eurobonds, LMA Luxembourg, UK LLP, with a guaranteed collateral on shares of the existing company owning the land plot, through syndicated loan securitization, First charge.

In Saudi Arabia and Oman, we undertake high-yield, low-risk investments in land development, commercial, residential, and hospitality real estate through structures in each individual SPV; Abu Dhabi Global Market, Qatar Finincial Centre Holding Club Company, as well as the regulated investment funds in Saudi Arabia’s free economic zones, ensuring on-time completion of real estate projects.

Our company provides business management services, including company formation and management. We provide extensive advice and support, enabling businesses of all sizes to succeed in international markets. Our services include company incorporation, assistance in obtaining investor visas and residency permits, opening bank accounts, staff recruitment, presence of key personnel on the board of directors, search for strategic investors and business partners.

Our company offers comprehensive business services, including company formation and management. We provide extensive advice and support, enabling businesses of all sizes to succeed in foreign markets. Our services encompass company incorporation, investor visa facilitation, residence permit procurement, bank account setup, staff recruitment, board of directors’ representation, strategic investor search, and partnership facilitation.

We also provide ongoing administrative support to clients, enabling them to maximize opportunities and achieve long-term sustainability. This ranges from comprehensive back-office solutions to assistance in tax and regulatory compliance. Services encompass accounting, personnel management, pensions, insurance, trademark and intellectual property protection, obtaining local licenses and permits, executive relocation, and tax specialist consultations.

Taking a company public through IPO is one of our key services, involving structuring and facilitation by acting as a single point of contact coordinating experts, including investment banks, auditors, legal firms, etc. We devise the most efficient and suitable structure, develop a phased preparation plan, select consultants, arrange due diligence, set up data repositories, facilitate meetings with potential deal parties, advise on financial terms, and documents related to the IPO process, and much more.

The team of Realia Family Office has been built of highly experienced investment professionals. Before coming under one roof of Realia Family Office brand they worked successfully with the leading management and consultancy companies –  Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Blackbear Capital, BNP Paribas, CA Immobilien Anlagen AG, Latis Group, Dentons, Sovereign, and others.

Our primary goal is to establish long-term relationships with clients that go beyond individual transactions. We aim to be a reliable consultant, as we consider our professional reputation in the market as our most valuable assets, allocating all necessary resources to achieve success in fulfilling client objectives.

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